MARS: monitoring, analytics, and recovery of industrial gases

The most advanced

Monitoring, Analytics &
Recovery Service for industrial gases.

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Total CO2 saved


Leading global manufacturers have gone to MARS and see these benefits every day.

Supply Costs and Reliability

Real-time tracking of supply usage and cost savings based on 90%+ guaranteed gas recovery.

24/7/365 Continuous Monitoring

Rest easy knowing a human being is monitoring operations every second of every day.

Preventive Problem-Solving

We will identify and help resolve incidents in real-time remotely and onsite before they affect your production process.

Gas Quality Analytics

Gain deep insight into the quality and composition of your gas and what it says about your production process.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Generate massive energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Set It and Forget It

Leave the hassle of equipment maintenance, installation, integration and operations to our experienced and dedicated team.


We have spent more than three decades perfecting the monitoring and recovery of all noble gases.

MARS Argon

The leading Argon recovery service in the world, with dozens of deployments across three continents.

MARS Helium

A recovery service that addresses the unique challenges of Helium recovery to deliver unprecedented economic benefits to our customers.


A recovery service designed especially to assist our aerospace, automotive and electronics customers.

If your business uses Krypton or Xenon, we can help.


The future of industrial gas management is here. MARS brings it to life.

24/7 continuous monitoring is provided by real people in our operations center. Dedicated support and maintenance staff will be at your site immediately. Let your facilities team focus on what you do best while we reduce your O&M costs.

24/7 continuous monitoring of industrial gases is provided by real people in our operations center
Monitoring Dashboard

IoT-enabled sensors provide millions of sub-second level data points every minute to guarantee the highest levels of performance. Gain insights into failure points and inefficiencies in your facility like never before.

IoT-enabled sensors provide millions of sub-second level data points for our industrial gases analytics dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Guaranteed monthly recycle efficiency and uptime. Unprecedented transparency and predictability of supply volume and pricing to optimize the financial performance of your site.

Guaranteed monthly recycle efficiency and uptime with our industrial gases recovery system
Recovery Dashboard


We help the largest companies in these industries transform their supply chains by improving supply stability and insight while reducing costs significantly.


Lower input material costs and production costs on high-grade alloys and components.


Reshape the economics of your emerging 3D metal printing applications.

Specialty Materials

Optimize production costs and front-line reliability.

Industrial Alloys

Reduce input costs on AOD and other processes for producing high-grade materials with low carbon content.


Differentiate yourself from the competition by decreasing component and chip fabrication costs.

Additive Manufacturing

Take your innovative atomization or 3D metal printing process to the next level.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your gas supply chain by up to 90%

Arencibia’s Monitoring, Analytics and Recovery Service (MARS) for argon and helium dramatically reduces your carbon footprint by decreasing your reliance on CO2-intensive processes like gas production and transportation. In certain jurisdictions, these significant savings can be verified and monetized through carbon credits or markets, or to meet carbon mitigation goals. The representative analysis below demonstrates that MARS is the most cost-effective way to reduce the carbon footprint of your materials supply chain.


80–90% reduction

Argon Virgin Supply 1–2
Argon Recovered Supply 0.1–0.2

60–90% reduction

Helium Virgin Supply 50–100
Helium Recovered Supply 8–40

CO2 intensity per unit of virgin versus recovered gas. All units are in mT CO2 per mT He/Ar.

For every ton of gas recovered, your facility avoids 1 ton of CO2 exhausted into the atmosphere


If your business uses industrial gas, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.